Things you can do to raise your spirit… for free!

by | Jul 5, 2021 | Mind

Looking after our mental health is as important as our physical health. In fact they’re very much interconnected.

STOP worrying about things you cannot control. Everytime you find yourself stressed about something, ask yourself: can I do anything to change it? If so, stop worrying and start acting. Otherwise, express your emotion towards it and you’ll find a feeling of release and calm.

STRETCH, ideally in the morning, it only takes 5 minutes! Stretching activates the parasympathetic nervous system, improves digestion and reduces feelings of calmness. At the same time, it releases endorphins which are part of our body’s natural reward system and result in a euphoric feeling and a positive outlook on life.
SMILE, it’s free! Smile keeps your heart young and makes you instantly feel good. Try it right now. Wiggle your toes and smile, an instant feel-good moment right? A great way to release anxiety is to go out, smile and say hello to people!