How to eat more… for less

Jul 5, 2021 | Fuel

Yes, you heard right.

Losing weight can be frustrating, especially when you’re depriving yourself of nutrients and volume of food.. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

For years I tried different diets which… guess what- it did not work!

Finally, after a lot of research and trial and error, I cracked it!

I managed to ditch the diet concept and eat mindfully, whatever I like and whenever I like!
I will share with you a few things that worked for me, and you can make them work for you!

Add a side salad to the main meal

I always have a side salad with any main meal, to add fibre, texture and to feel fuller and more satisfied!

A salad can but doesn’t have to be calorie-dense…
To make a light, colourful, nutrient dense side salad, add a large handful of leafy greens, continue with your choice of colourful vegetables like cherry tomatoes, peppers, beetroot, radish, pieces of roasted squash or shredded carrots. Sprinkle with flavour by adding olives, capers, sun dried tomatoes, spring onions, sauerkraut, pickles, or anything that your palette desires! For the dressing part and where you should watch out… Invest in an olive oil spray, add a few sprays and a teaspoon of seeds/nuts. Make light dressing with apple cider vinegar, mustard or lemon.

So YES, you can have your main and your salad on top!

Enjoy a soup for dinner

Soups are heartwarming, nutritious and very filling as they contain a lot of water. You will be surprised how satisfied you will feel, without being bloated. You get extra points for hydration too!

Make a soup with your favorite vegetables, add a tablespoon of olive oil, and a sprinkle of seeds or yeast flakes on top. The more water you add, the less dense it will be. I aim for 500ml of liquid per person and allow myself a second bowl if I want to!

You will be surprised how good you’ll feel, and even your heart will feel fulfilled!

Slurp on a refreshing Juice or smoothie for breakfast!

Smoothies are easy and quick to make, can be taken on the go for the mornings that are a little rushed, and will nourish your body with nutrients straight away. And if they’re packed with antioxidants, even better!

Invest in a juicer or use the blender to make a super green, healthy smoothie. Make sure to add some seeds, some berries and some greens! I add a banana/apple/pineapple for flavour, then top it up with water, coconut water or almond milk. You can also pack some of your superfood powders in there to sneak some extra antioxidants! Protein powder is optional!

To sum up, start your day with a smoothie, remember to add a side salad to your meals and opt for soup a couple of times per week! You’ll not be hungry and you will feel fueled with great energy while eating more nutrients and volume for less calories!