The Sky Hut retreat is dedicated to improving your quality of wellness in your life, by setting new standards of self care, introducing healthy lifestyle habits and incorporating them into the everyday routine. We aspire to create longevity, through replenishing the body and clearing the mind.
We prioritise you, personalise the elements and give you the time and space to find abundance. We provide you with the right environment, nourishing you with the fuel you need and allowing you to choose the body movement that suits you.

When was the last time you took time off for YOU? Are you feeling exhausted, overworked, or just lost your spark during these unprecedented times of world crisis? Are you struggling to justify taking time for yourself? We are here to help you take the time to disconnect, have a fun, relaxing time, pamper and fuel your body and ultimately find realignment.

Bring a friend that you would love to share this experience with, because in life, relationships are key to longevity. What makes us feel proud is when you feel perfect relaxation in an ideal setting, witness the change in your mood and the feeling of rejuvenation. When you find you are sleeping better, feeling empowered, and your face appears to glow!



We are here to help you finally take the time to breathe, to reconnect with yourself, to reset your mind and recharge your body, in the most idyllic scenery.

Are you ready to get your mojo back?


You are here to switch-off and realign with your purpose. You will be embracing your soul and will be giving yourself relief from responsibilities.



You will be doing what makes you feel good, choosing from a variety of optional activities. You’ll gain momentum and find your mojo.



 You are in for a very special treat, a vegan menu tailored to your needs, which will make your body and skin feel nourished.


Don’t take our word for it…

The property is quite stunning, perched up on a hill with an amazing, unobstructed view of the water and the mountains on the other side. We loved the space, the enormous swimming pool, and the table tennis. We had time to relax, and sunbathed with the great views. The house is beautiful. All the bedrooms have their own bath/shower and all have the same stunning views of the sea. The charming town of Ilya is close by as is Rovies for a quick grocery run. We highly recommend it and look forward to staying there again in the future.