21-23 ΑΠΡΙΛΙΟΥ 2023



* πραγματοποιείται στην ελληνική γλώσσα

Η ομάδα



Vinyasa Flow
Ashtanga Yoga
Conscious Living

Authorised Level II Teacher





Founder, CEO
Natural Juice Therapist
Dance Teacher
NLP Coach




Spiritual Healer
Sound Vibrational Alchemist
Sacred Body Work
Soul Mentor


Η Χριστίνα


I want to inspire people to tap into their intuition and own personal wisdom.


I encourage students to use movement as a tool for embodiment and self-expression.


My aim is to share knowledge while holding space for others to experience healing.

Η Αλίκη


Remember to
trust your intuition and make choices according to what makes your gut feel aligned and your heart feel warm.

Remember to
trust your intuition and make choices according to what makes your gut feel aligned and your heart feel warm.

Aliki chopping


I will show you ways to eat mindfully and reestablish your relationship with food.


Our delicious smoothies will reset your gut & please your tummy!


Through dance, I will allow you to connect with others, forget your inhibitions and develop the confidence to allow the world to see you shine.

Ο Νικόλας


Anything you might need is already within you.


I invite you
to connect with your soul; see who you truly are.

For as long as you are awake, 
you are free.


A Path to reconnection
with people and sharing healing touch.

21-23 ΑΠΡΙΛΙΟΥ 2022



Οι Στόχοι



Sound Bath
Herbs Foraging
Mindful Eating Seminar
Hot Springs Visit
Fire Ceremony



Vinyasa Yoga
Waterfall Hike
Handstand Workshop
Thai massage Workshop
Parnter Dancing
Yin Yoga



Protein Smoothies
Energising Shots
Delicious Açaí Bowls
Refreshing Green Juices
Nice-Cream & Treats
Heartwarming Soups

21-23 ΑΠΡΙΛΙΟΥ 2023



Το Πρόγραμμα



10:00 – 12:00


Αλίκη + Χριστίνα + Νικόλας

Άνοιγμα Κύκλου γνωριμίας και Ορισμός Στόχων


Detox Introduction Talk


Yinyasa Yoga


Thai Massage Workshop


*Sound Healing




Χριστίνα + Νικόλας

Sunrise Vinyasa Flow Yoga με ήχους


Πεζοπορία στους καταρράκτες


+ συλλέγουμε βότανα



Detox Seminar


Yoga Flexibility Rituals


*Sound Bath





Επίσκεψη στα λουτρά της Αιδηψού


Inversions Workshop


Σεμινάριο Ενσυνείδητης Διατροφής


Healing Touch Workshop

Αλίκη + Χριστίνα + Νικόλας

Κλείσιμο Κύκλου

17:00 – 18:00


Don’t take our word for it…

Based on 13 reviews
Achilles Kyrtsis
Achilles Kyrtsis
18 December 2022
I love the place, the trainers and pros, the guests', the meals, and the organization. It feels like you're in the most Divine place, away from worries and chaos. There was an aura of simplicity and coziness yet a lot of attention to detail and professionalism that to me would be found in a five-star spa. I felt totally renewed after returning home. Congratulations Alice. Sky Hut retreats raises the bar.
Jason Yabut
Jason Yabut
26 October 2022
This is a very special place. The house is gorgeous. Clean, spacious and well maintained. The view overlooking the gulf and stretch of mountains, awe inspiring. I wondered what the effects of a week-long diet of juices, smoothies and soup would do to my body. I did not feel hungry for one moment and the benefits of the diet were felt early into the retreat. Days are very well organised, full of activities and there is no pressure on attendees to join in on everything planned. The environment cultivated by the Sky Hut team encourages you to listen to what your body is telling you and experience each moment when you see fit. If you want to go to a yoga class everyday, you can. If you want to give a hike a miss, no problem. But, there's a good chance you'll want to experience everything especially when you're surrounded by an uplifting group of coaches/facilitators. All the talk will be of the views, but the Sky Hut team truly make this retreat special. They are experts in the sessions they lead, attentive, open-minded and honest. They will challenge you, reveal what you are capable of and help to develop a beautiful bond with your group. This is a wonderful space to determine how you want to move on with the rest of your life. It's an experience I will treasure for a very long time.
Αγγελική Λευκοπούλου
Αγγελική Λευκοπούλου
13 October 2022
It was a unique and amazing experience that I would live again and again. A daily program which was full of activities and delicious smoothies, juices and more. Aliki, the hostess, has lovely energy and vibe and so does the whole place there. I would recommend this to everybody who wants to have an unforgettable experience, find peace and escape from the daily routine. I will definitely visit Sky Hut Retreats again✨💖
Kassandra Lefakinis
Kassandra Lefakinis
11 October 2022
Our days at SkyHut were idyllic; simply just what we needed - an inspired, magical experience that gently revitalized and nourished us. It was a homey yet luxurious escape that truly unloaded my mind and gave me space to relax, connect and also treat and exercise my body. We went for our 5-year wedding anniversary thinking to try something different, sick of heavy meals and wine for celebrations, thinking we rather needed rest, connection and some nature! Parents of 2 young kids, the offerings created a perfect “storm” of things we desired to recharge us. It was our first ever and 3 days and not too far from Athens was ideal for us. The house is exquisitely designed and well maintained and full of lovely details that inspire harmony curated by Aliki, the owner. Amidst green nature and fruit trees, with options for close-by excursions of immense beauty like waterfalls, plush hiking trails, beaches and thermal baths, what more do you want? I know… a HUGE sky above and around you and sea view. One reason I was drawn to skyhut is the immense sky.. I live in the city and don’t see too much open sky but this gave me the opportunity to live under the sky in all its majestic glory – we saw rich sunrises, feeling the sun rays spread across us and the land and sea during morning yoga, and vibrant sunsets coupled with sound baths and meditation. The stars and full moon were extra gifts. The program was laid out so well, from sunrise to sunset we embraced the best of the day. The morning thermal bath trip, watching the sun emerge from the mountain and bathing before the customary crowds might arrive, was perfect. The meals were surprising, beautiful, vibrant and delicious; we loved each meal and cherished the care taken to make it. We anticipated each meal savoring the tastes and diversity of flavor. Our teachers were inspiring and part of our team. The people we met each revealed such beauty throughout the retreat, we felt happy to be sharing the experience with them, each one adding their unique essence and reminding us about real connection. The feelings and teachings will stay with me and enrich my life for sure. Thank you Aliki for creating SkyHut for us to nourish and empower ourselves and also feel well taken care of!! Im still buzzing and a in a happy mellow daze from my 3 beautiful days well spent. I have also seen some great physical changes like a more toned waist, a flat tummy, more calm and peace, and finally a feeling that I don’t need to rush. I doubt I will resume drinking coffee soon and also I noticed already the mindfulness that has entered my interactions with my children, where I can be more patient and present with them. I will have to come back again soon.
Marios Noutsos
Marios Noutsos
11 October 2022
The place is magical and the energy buzzing! Aliki and her team take keen interest in your wellbeing and assist you in every part of your detox journey. The coaches are always top notch and full of positivity, which makes the whole retreat even more motivating and purposeful. Thank you ❤️
Jorge Eduardo Gomez
Jorge Eduardo Gomez
4 September 2022
Stunning place with an amazing view to the sea, everyday there are a lot of activities (e.g. Yoga, Hiking, calisthenics and acro-yoga) with amazing coaches. Hands down one of the best experiences that Greece has to offer! Will be back soon in October.
Lauren Chappell
Lauren Chappell
13 June 2022
After considering for a while now I finally attended the Sky Hut Retreat in May this year and I cannot begin to put into words how life changing the trip was for me. I am relatively new to the wellness lifestyle and although there were other members that started their journey before mine I never felt out of place. The facilitators always made me feel welcome and offered a range of levels so that even as someone new to this lifestyle, I felt included and as if I was learning along with everyone else. The trip from start to end is very well organised with a very personable group of facilitators. Which meant that I could push myself past any fears or doubts I previously had whilst always feeling safe and comfortable. I never knew how strong I was both mentally and physically! I was anxious about the juicing aspect before attending but quickly learnt that I never felt hungry or as if I wasn't getting enough from the juices. This coupled with sessions from Aliki really opened my eyes to the benefits of juicing and really helped me to face the unhealthy relationship I had with food. I have continued to incorporate juices into my weekly routine. The group was full of likeminded people and the team was very close meaning that I always felt supported but also had the space and autonomy to take from the trip the things I personally needed. By the end we really bonded over the experience and really became like a family including the facilitators who felt as if they were on the journey with me. I have since and will continue to recommend the retreat to others. I have come away from the trip feeling more like myself than I have ever before. Thank you to everyone from the Sky Hut Retreats for making me feel like me again!
Dorina Papanikitopoulou
Dorina Papanikitopoulou
5 May 2022
Sky Hut Retreat: Μια φανταστική εμπειρία! Τα λόγια δεν μπορούν να περιγράψουν την απελευθέρωση της ψυχής, την ενέργεια του σώματος και την δυναμικότητα της ομάδας που βιώσαμε ο καθένας με τον δικό του, ξεχωριστό τρόπο. Μια πρωτόγνωρη διαδικασία, με ανεπανάληπτα combination of juices & smoothies, με μοναδικά yoga sessions και πανέμορφα hiking routes στο βουνό.
Elena Papanikitopoulou
Elena Papanikitopoulou
4 May 2022
At Skyhut retreats we lived the experience at its fullest! It was the first time I ever did a full day of juice cleansing which is the concept of skyhut retreats. All recipes were so tasteful and the retreat schedule just on point! Everything felt in place, the atmosphere was unique, hospitality was exceptional, the combination of all participants was so special and the overall feeling was total calmness and relaxation.

21-23 ΑΠΡΙΛΙΟΥ 2023